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Someone is trying to ruin their one good haven in the world, and… - Chosenees

About Someone is trying to ruin their one good haven in the world, and…

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Someone is trying to ruin their one good haven in the world, and this University aren't going to take it sitting down.

This community is primarily centered with the incidents at Watcher University, a multi college school located in south-eastern Oregon near California. This University was previously a clandestine location for the education of potentials in the ancient British traditions of knowledge, wisdom, respect, and congeniality. It now does much the same, except it is less British.

The faculty is full of ordinary people as well as Watchers. Watchers teach classes full of numerous students- slayers and humans alike. Events have been proceeding at a rather crisp pace since its creation, and they are dealing with the aftermath of the Slayer conflict.

While they often fight for their lives they are also attempting to bring about physical and mental courage, loyalty to each other, and self reliance as well as also haing to deal with themselves and each other while attempting to hold true to the noblest ideals of the University.

The students have all the usual miseries of living in a unsafe universe. The personalities here exemplify a rainbow of character from the mousy, to the brave. Nor are they protected from angst- many come from backgrounds of death and misery that leave them moping around with barely repressed feelings.

With the firm confidence of youth they believe passionately in whatever they are doing, and one thing is certain- this intimate time in their life will never come again.

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