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Previous Entry Sweep me right off my feet Feb. 20th, 2004 @ 09:55 pm Next Entry
Yeah but Eunae, where would be the fun in that, really? :P Hahaha I dont even know what we are sposed to talk about here. But Im guna state that Im very disappointed in Joss for being a complete and utter prick. Sarah for being a bitch. And oh yes. UPN for airing this crap. What the fuck. Joss you need to stop going for the crazy and pathetic and go with what everyone wants and likes. Stop overdoing it. IDIOT!

Sorry. But lately even last season of Buffy, they totally went farfetched. Sure vampires arent real but it was always there and it was interesting. And it wasnt tacky. Then it just nose dived. Grr. Argh. Rawr.

My head is all hurty and I wish I could go out tonight drinking with Craig. He has the nicest lips. And a back I wana claw at all night. Mmmm his golf swing is amazing cause I love how his back turns. Its so weird that I would be turned on by his back. Not his ass. Which by the way, is really nice too. Like. Drool worthy really. But I mean I loved his back. He looks damn fine in a turtle neck shirt Ill tell ya that much. And the way his pants just hung off his hips and omigod.

This is my gushing session yes so sit down and shut up. Haha. And he was all like tilting the head and I mean. Ive kissed guys before but fuck my lips like tingled for like half an hour after that. Maybe its just me. Hes so tall too. I was just fed up and I was like leaving so I turn and I was like can I get a kiss.. and then he gave me a hug and I was like eff this shit MWAH! Then I ran off. And then he was all like cmon out tonight and Im ALL GRR I CANT. But I want to so much.

Hes so cute. Im guna cry.

Like the perfect guy. Hes like me but a guy. I have no problem saying a chick is cute. He has no problem saying a guy is cute. I love reading porn. He loves to supply it haha.

Fuck I want him. Fuck I wana claw at his back.

Fuck I want his lips on mine right now.

I just love how I went from bitching about Buffy and Angel to me going on about a guy that I wana take right now. Amazing.
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Date:February 21st, 2004 06:46 am (UTC)
and how others read it, lol.
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Date:February 21st, 2004 09:46 am (UTC)


You know you love it Eunae. Why lie. Why??!?!?! :P
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